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FYBN at its core is I/O, True Number/True Value, Garbage In/Garbage Out, P/E based algorithmic Commercial Real Estate Business Valuation Application. Available on Apple Apps store and Android Play Store.

Is FYBN free to download?

No, FYBN App is priced at $9.99. Because the price of the App is nominal to its value to what FYBN brings on for the Buyer or Seller of CREB. Avg value of any Gas Station/C Store business is over $200,000.

Is there any similar App available in the market?

To our knowledge there is no such C Store Valuation App available in the market. Business owners predominantly depends on Cap Rate and Cash on Cash which is misleading and archaic.

How FYBN works?

FYBN is based on the principle of “What you Sow, so shall you Reap”. Flip Your Business Now considers all the fixed variables like Sales Numbers and soft parameters like Competition, How far from the main city, Employee behaviour, Condition of the property, etc. FYBN dishes out True Value of the Business. We have an explainer video on our website

Is the FYBN App refundable?

Yes, FYBN App is refundable after 24 months or first transaction you do with us, whichever comes first.

Why should I download the FYBN App?

We encourage you to download the FYBN app, it comes with full stack of applications required for buying and selling of CREB (Commercial Real Estate Business). You get access to all the hot listings of high-volume gas stations/c stores. You get access to 0% Financing on your first deal with us. All financings are subject to approval and collateralized.

What pain-point does the FYBN App promises to resolve?

FYBN app discourages all “paper napkin” deals done at tables of coffee shops which is risky for the buyer. FYBN Deal Process is frictionless and it comes with full stack of Due Diligence Process which is mandatory for every Buyer to follow. Lastly, FYBN App is just an Enabler and keeps all the guess-works out.

Who is the developer of the FYBN App?

Cloud Toronto Inc is the Developer, FYBN is part of Cloud Toronto Venture Capital AUM Company.

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