Sell your Gas Station/Convenience Store from the comfort of your home.

Whether you’re buying or selling a retail business like a Gas Station or Convenience Store, we’re here to make things go easier. We remove many of the common pain points associated with a traditional experience, helping smooth transition. This is commercial real estate business the way it should be – this is FYBN way...

Sell your Gas Station/C Store Business from the comfort of your home.

Download the App, Calculate your Gas Station/ C Store Business Goodwill.

 FYBN App is nation’s 1st Retail Business Sale Tool that gives you almost accurate value of the business based on last 3 months trailing averages of Inside Sales and takes into account of all the incomes and expenses and other soft parameters and factors that decides the reliability of the business.
Skip all the hassle and uncertainty, and close on your timeline

How it works?
1.Download the FYBN app
    2.Enter the details
    3.Accept the Cash Offer*

$23,700,000+ New Deals Requested
$55,000,000+ Deals Active
$17,300,000+   Deals Executed

as per  Trailing 12 Months CAGR, we have over 300 Gas Stations in our inventory and growing.

We have the most frictionless processes

all done through digital signatures.

We offer easy financing to buy gas station/c-store business or property.

If you are Accredited / Qualified Buyer and interested to buy and wants to see the rate of interest download the FYBN.App. God is in small things, Please read the small prints.

Gas station/C Store survived World Wars, Kingdoms, Czars, Dotcoms, Made in China, 9/11, Amazon, Pandemics.

EV is Hype, AV is Future. Whatever they travel with AV/HV/FV...We are here to serve them when they take a break .

Fill/Refill/Chill/Distill/Nicotine/Knic Knac/Try Luck/Entertain


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